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Big Sale: Runescape 2007 Gold With Up To 60% Off For A Taste Of Hope May.18

Big Sale: runescape 2007 gold with Up to 60% off for A Taste of Hope May.18

A Taste of Hope will be a brand new experienced level quest available to players who have osrs gold with 60% off completed Darkness of Hallowvale. Players who manage to complete this quest will be rewarded with the following:Bastion potion: This single potion boosts both Ranged and Defence levels by the same amounts that using a Ranging potion and Super defence potion would. Mixing this potion requires 80 Herblore and the following ingredients: Vial of blood, Cadantine & Wine of Zamorak. Completing the full potion grants 155 Herblore experience.

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1 Quest Point.
A Tome of Experience (this grants 2500 XP in any three skills of 35 or above).
A new unlimited teleport that takes players directly to the Theatre of Blood.
A new weapon for killing vampyres.

Should we add a new experienced difficulty quest called A Taste of Hope? Completing the quest will rewards players with 1 Quest Point, a Tome of Experience with 3 uses which gives 2500 XP in any skill of 35 or above, a new unlimited teleport that takes players directly to the Theatre of Blood and a new weapon for killing vampyres.

Theatre of Blood Rewards

The Theatre of Blood is anticipated to be the next big challenge coming to Old School RuneScape and will offer a gameplay experience like nothing else in-game. With something as challenging and exciting as this, you can be sure that you'll be rewarded well.

All rewards detailed below, other than the potions and Judgement Prayer, will be available for testing in Tournament worlds, going live on the 8th of March for all members. As with prior releases you'll be given the freedom to your own stats, and you'll have a wide range of equipment to choose in addition to the new items listed in this blog. Things will be a little different than normal though, as you'll be able to travel any in Gielinor. No content is being locked on these worlds, meaning you'll have plenty of opportunities to test each item fully before they're polled. We've made things a little more convenient for testing purposes too, such as adding teleport tabs to the supplies chest and being able to give yourself a new Slayer task free of charge at any Slayer Master by right clicking them and ing "Assignment" (cancelling tasks will still cost points, so make sure you right-click and Assignment to avoid any charges).

Vials of Blood & New Potions

The vampyres have long believed that there is great power in blood. A belief that has only increased with their recent experiments with Haemalchemy. These vials contain modified blood that enhances the power of potions and can be used to charge new weapons found within the Theatre of Blood.

Initially when we discussed the introduction of the below potions, we intended for them to lower your HP by 10 with each dose. After some internal balancing of the potion effects and boosts, we determined it was not necessary. Whilst the potions do allow you to save some inventory space, you would likely be required to take additional food to compensate for the HP loss. We feel the bonuses of the potions do not warrant this, though it is something we will consider should any changes be required.

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