Rsorder Share Free RS Gold cheap for RuneScape Bank Rework on Jan.8
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Rsorder Share Free RS Gold Cheap For RuneScape Bank Rework On Jan.8

Rsorder Share Free RS Gold cheap for RuneScape Bank Rework on Jan.8

Since RS Mobile has taken priority, the Bank Rework has taken a backseat. Today Rsorder will share with you some information on the long-awaited Bank Rework which Jagex has revealed in their live stream. Hope you enjoy!What you are seeing is not the Bank Rework in its entirety, these are just parts of cheap rs gold the Rework which can be delivered within the current bank system, and certain things can not come until they do a full Bank Rework.

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The first thing they show off is your bank presets: You can keybind all 10 of the available presets right there on the goal, and not have to shuffle between just two at any given time.Managing in your presets interface will be accessible straight from the bank, it loads a lot faster since it's now embedded into the bank itself rather than a separate interface.

Next is the access Diango's interface straight from the Bank. There will be a little button on the bank, click it and now opens up Diango’s list of the items he has stored for you, and you can then withdraw items straight from there into your backpack.

The next thing they show off is access to your Player Owned House costumes straight from the bank. There will be another icon, you just click on it, it then opens up the player Owned house costume room interface. Within that, there will have a drop down menu where you can change the storage facility. And a nifty thing about this particular feature is you can withdraw or deposit directly into this using the bank.

Finally, the last thing they show off is Clean-up Mode

This is a button that shows whether the item has no use or can be stored by Diango. Hit the button for Clean-up mode, it will transfer you to this interface where you will be able to see all the items that you don’t necessarily need or can be stored with Diango, which is now more convenient for you to clean your bank. 

That is all the features they showed off in the Bank Rework so far. This is not to be taken as the Bank Rework. These are all features which are to be included in the main bank rework. Certain features like placeholders cannot be done without the full rework.

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