Guide to Obtain Dragonfire Ward with Free runescape07 gold on Rsorder flash sale Jan. 22
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Guide To Obtain Dragonfire Ward With Free Runescape07 Gold On Rsorder Flash Sale Jan. 22

Guide to Obtain Dragonfire Ward with Free runescape07 gold on Rsorder flash sale Jan. 22

Dragon Slayer II has released for a week. Although most players are valued. And OSRS wants to make osrs gold some adjustments to improve it. Such as Dragonbone Necklace, Dragonfire Ward, Super Antifire Potions and others. Please preview the details below and poll this week.

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Dragonbone Necklace

Dragonbone Necklace is a unique item. The OSRS intends to add some Dragonbone Necklace OSRS attributes, increasing prayer bonus from +6 to +12. At the same time, they want to get rid of it by reducing the remaining prayer points by 50% when equipped and adding a new effect for 15 seconds before the bone burial effect is activated.

Dragonfire Ward

Dragonfire Ward is a off-hand defense, providing long-range attack bonus. And this defensive deputy remote shield plan to provide melee defense provided by 10 points, magic defense increased by 6 points.

Super Antifire Potions

In addition to extending the duration of Super Antifire Potion from 2 minutes to 3 minutes, Old School also hopes to add a new version of Potion. This super acne remedy can be made by combining Super Acne Potion with Lava Flake Fragments with Herbal Grade 98. These potions last twice as long as super-flammable syrups and can be made by combining super-flammable syrups and lava flake fragments.

Dragon Hunter Crossbow

Dragon Hunter Crossbow currently increased by 10% accuracy and damage in combat. To make Dragonbars crossbow more effective against dragons, they want to improve accuracy and raise their bonuses from 10% to 30%.


At the same time, OSRS want to know if they want to add a decorating kit to clues the pain of Dragon Kiteshield, Dragon Platebody, Necklace.What do you think about these improvements? Do not miss the chance to vote later. You can buy RS gold from Rsorder to use 5% free code 'RSYK5'.

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