Free runescape 2007 gold on Rsorder 2018 flash sale for the new boss Vorkath Jan. 22
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Free Runescape 2007 Gold On Rsorder 2018 Flash Sale For The New Boss Vorkath Jan. 22

Free runescape 2007 gold on Rsorder 2018 flash sale for the new boss Vorkath Jan. 22

While Dragon Slayer II is still very new and the feedback is piling up, we'd like to offer you runescape 2007 gold and the chance to make some changes sooner rather than later. For those out there hoping to see change else, we will be offering February as an entire month dedicated to all things QoL!

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Whilst a large focus has been on Dragon Slayer II recently, we have some really exciting updates coming up over the next few weeks. You can expect to see the Fossil Island improvements released next week, the Barbarian assault ranged rework released the following week and February will be a whole month dedicated to QoL!

Whenever we release a large piece of content there's typically a huge amount of feedback. Whilst most of this is positive, and we're really happy with how Dragon Slayer II in particular has gone down, there are a few things that could do with being tweaked slightly since they were originally polled. The purpose of this post is to offer you some changes we'd be happy making, and give you the opportunity to provide feedback on them. We're planning on the below poll questions going live in-game early next week!

Dragonbone Necklace

The Dragonbone necklace is a unique item with use cases in a few scenarios. However, it could be better, so we'd like to propose increasing its stats a little by adding an additional +6 Prayer bonus, giving it a total of +12 Prayer. We'd also like to look at removing the effect that reduces your remaining prayer points by 50% each time it gets equipped and replacing it with a new effect, which would prevent any Prayer points being restored until the necklace has been equipped for 15 seconds.

Should the prayer drain when equipping the Dragonbone necklace be removed? It will be replaced with a delay of 15 seconds before the bone burying effect becomes active.

Dragonfire Ward

The Dragonfire ward is a defensive off-hand that offers a ranged attack bonus. We believe it could do with a little improvement so we'd like to propose increasing the melee defences it provides by 10 and the magic defence by 6.Should the melee defences of the Dragonfire Ward be increased by 10 and the magic defence´╝îCurrently, Super antifire potions only last for two minutes. In addition to increasing their duration, we'd like to offer a new variant of the potion with a higher herblore requirement.

Upon unlocking Super antifire potions, you will also unlock the ability to mix Extended super antifire potions. These potions will last twice as long as Super antifire potions and can be created by combining a Super antifire potion with Lava scale shards. This process will require 98 Herblore and offers 40 Herblore experience per dose converted.

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