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How To Spend Meaningful 2018 April Fool’s Day With Free Runescape Gold Apr.2?

How to Spend meaningful 2018 April Fool’s Day with free runescape gold Apr.2?

The rainbows have settled over Gielinor again, bringing luck, new rares and plenty of rs3 gold prize multipliers! Join in 00:00 game time on the 22nd November through to 23:59 game time on the 27th November.We opted for a more polished version of the camera zoom distance limit increase, so it will take a little longer than you'd typically expect. We apologise for this, but feel like it will be worth the wait.

April Fool’s Day is drawing nearer!Ready to Find True Codes to Win Free 770M Runescape Gold/osrs gold from Rsorder April Fool’s Day Special at 03:00 am. GMT on Apr 2!

While opening the rainbow chests, you can win multiplier tokens, which unlock multipliers on your prizes for the rest of the promotion - up to a dazzling x7! This multiplier applies to everything on Treasure Hunter (except for multiplier tokens themselves), so upgrade it as far as you can for maximum benefit!

Rainbow-Coloured Rares

You can also get your hands on brand new rainbow-themed prizes, the Pot of Gold orb, Rainbow Wand and shiny Rainbow Halo! They're tradeable rares, and will be just as sought after as the previous rainbow items - the Rainbow Amulet, Cape, Bow and Parasol. You will also have the chance to get these previous items during this promotion, if you don't already have them unlocked. May you be blessed with multi-coloured luck and amass your prizes this week - have fun!

The changes to the Looting bag being destroyed whilst in the Wilderness will be coming as part of the game update on Thursday 5th of April.

Graphical changes are typically resolved as part of a bug fix due to certain items clipping with others whilst worn, but at times, we do look to make changes to the appearance of certain items. In the instances we can, we turn to you, the community, to gauge your feedback on said changes.

Currently, it's difficult to differentiate between the standard and imbued Slayer helmet. We'd like to change this by making the standard Slayer helmet use the original colours it had when it was first introduced to RuneScape.The spikes appear smaller in the image than they are in-game, no changes have been made other than the colours.

April Fool’s Day is drawing nearer!Ready to Find True Codes to Win Free 770M Runescape Gold/osrs gold from Rsorder April Fool’s Day Special at 03:00 am. GMT on Apr 2!More!

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